A Walk in My Shoes: Our Lives of Hope: An Oral History of the Artists of the "Made in Honduras Craft Co-Op," Trujillo, Honduras

We're so excited that our book detailing the history of the artists at our Made in Honduras Craft Co-op, has been published and is available for sale now! Won't you grab a copy and experience a part of the journey of those who make the crafts available on this site. All sales of the book go directly back to the artists.

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Made In Honduras is a group of 80 craftspeople who make their wares with the tourist trade in mind.   All money goes DIRECTLY back to the artist who makes each item sold. Made in Honduras

This group includes people from barrios and villages near Trujillo, and also indigenous people from the Mosquitia. [see map below] 

Crafts include necklaces made from colorful seeds found in the rainforest, nativity sets and ornaments from tuno (native bark craft of the Miskito Indians), shell earrings and sea glass jewelry from the beaches of Trujillo, colorful bags professionally sewn in many designs and sizes, handmade rag dolls depicting the Honduran lifestyle, mind-bending puzzles made from tropical woods, musical instruments made from calabash, embroidered cards and napkins,  hand-painted cards and t-shirts, colorful caps,  paintings…and more.



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